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Use these Tech Tips to get solutions to common installation and usage problems.

What is the License Manager?

How can I get the system to start the Workstation Group License Manager automatically whenever my system reboots?

How can I get multiple machines to share one installation of uni-SPF?

How can I change the server which is running the license manager daemon?

How can I run two different releases of uni-SPF simultaneously on the same machine?

How can I move my uni-SPF installation from one machine to another.

How can I prevent the owner userid and group from being changed by uni-SPF EDIT?

When exiting from uni-SPF, I see an error message - TBCLOSE SPFPROF Save_table failed. How can I prevent this?

How can I get the Backtab (Shift-Tab) key to work? When I test this key using the 0.K.2 'test' function, it shows \t (tab).

Within uni-SPF, how can I make the Backspace key erase the preceeding character, when it moves the cursor?