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This page refers to installation procedures for UNIX® platforms only. For product installation on IBM mainframes, refer to procedures you received with the product.

Our products operate under the control of a License Manager, which is intended to help our customers adhere to the terms of their purchase license agreement. The uni-XEDIT and uni-SPF products use network based licensing, which controls the number of simultaneous uses of the product by any user on the LAN. Network based licensing requires one machine on the network to run a License Manager daemon. The uni-REXX product uses host based licensing, which permits use only on named host machines. No daemon is used in this case.

All products from The Workstation Group are installed in an identical manner, using the same installation program. The procedure for installation follows these general steps:

  1. Decide on the filesystem location where you wish the product files, and License Manager files to reside.

  2. If installing from the CDROM - mount the CD as a UNIX filesystem, cd to the CD filesystem root directory, and run ./INSTALL.CD. This will prompt you through the rest of the installation.

    If installing from a download file - copy the file into a temporary directory (/tmp is suitable) which has at least 30MB of free space, uncompress the distribution file, use tar xovf to extract the distribution files, and from the temporary directory, run ./install which will prompt you through the rest of the installation.

  3. Enter product activation keys, if prompted, to allow product execution under license terms.

    Optionally, change your system startup files to automatically startup the License Manager on reboots.

Installation Details

Planning Your Installation

Each of our products installs as a product directory, and a license manager directory. The License Manager directory should be shared among all of the TWG products that you install. We suggest installation directories such as:

[base directory]/twglm	license manager files
[base directory]/spf	uniSPF installation files
[base directory]/xedit	uniXEDIT product files
[base directory]/rexx	uniREXX product files

Our install program defaults to "/usr/local" for [base directory]. This can and should be changed to conform to local naming conventions.

The install program requires that you have write permission for the directories in which you install TWG products. install will detect if you do not have the necessary permissions. At that point, you will have an opportunity to type an alternate directory name or to quit the installation process.

The install program will prompt you for a directory which is generally available in users $PATH variable. It does this before attempting to place a soft-link to the products main program entry point in the directory. The install program defaults to "/usr/local/bin" if this is not appropriate for your installation, or you do not wish to create this soft-link, you may override this prompt. Please note that this step may require super-user (root) privileges, depending on local system configuration.

Note for upgrades. The previous copy of the License Manager daemon may not be running when you run the install program. In addition, we strongly recommend that you do not replace the existing version of a product with a new one while users have active sessions in progress. The installation program will not prevent your doing this, but the results may be unpredictable or undesirable. You may either:

  • wait until all user sessions have terminated before installing the new version, or
  • install the new version in a different location and use the configuration utility twgconfig to move it to the normal location at some time when all user sessions have terminated (the install program automatically places a copy of twgconfig in the directory where you install this version)

Product Activation Keys

Each of our products runs under the control of our License Manager, which is driven by product and release-specific activation keys.

If you are installing the demo version of a TWG product, your activation key is provided in a file on the tape and will be read automatically by the installation procedure.

If you are installing the fully licensed version and do not already have the necessary product activation key(s), contact The Workstation Group for assistance using one of the following methods:

Phone: (847) 540-3390
FAX: (847) 540-5629

Note that upgrading from the demo version to the production version of any product does not require reinstallation. When you purchase product licenses, Sales will issue you activation keys. You install the new keys using the twgmaint utility program.

For network based product licensing, the License Manager daemon must be running at all times when users wish to run the product. The daemon is started by the install program, and may be started manually. Any user may start it by executing the shell script [base directory]/twglm/twglm, where [base directory] is /usr/local, or some other name chosen at install time. It is most convenient to include the execution of this shell script in a system startup file, so that the LM daemon is started at every system reboot. The details as to how this is done are specific to the variant of UNIX your shop runs. This must be done by a System Administrator running with root privileges.

Installation from Download Files

To install from a file you downloaded from this website, follow these steps:

  1. Uncompress the file by typing
    uncompress filename
    where filename is the name of the file you downloaded. This produces a file of the same name but without the .Z extension.

  2. Extract the installation program and support files from the archive by typing
    tar -xvof filename
    where filename is the output of step 1 (the original file name without the .Z extension).

  3. Run the installation program by typing
The install program will prompt the installer through the remaining steps of the installation process. install will remove the TWGinstall directory when the installation completes successfully.

Note for users running install as user root: depending on the UNIX variant you are using, and the setting of your umask, certain of the installed files may not be readable by ordinary users after the installation is complete. Please verify that the ownership and permissions of all files in your installation directories are set to values appropriate to your shop.