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For answers to installation questions, refer to the Installation Guide.

For an answer to your technical questions by Email, please contact us at Technical Support.

You may find our Sample Library, helpful. Here, you can download examples of editor macros and sample applications, written with uni-XEDIT.

uni-XEDIT Tech Tips

Please read these technical notes for solutions to problems running uni-XEDIT on various hardware platforms.

SunOS 4.x and Solaris 2.x Systems

If you are using a SUN type-4 keyboard you may see the following message when you start uni-XEDIT in graphical mode:

      Name: InsertMode
      Class: XmPushButtonGadget
      Illegal mnemonic character;
      Could not convert X KEYSYM to a keycode

This warning occurs because uni-XEDIT cannot detect a separate INSERT key on the Sun type-4 keyboard. To eliminate this message, and establish the keypad 0 (zero) key as the new INSERT key, do the following:

  1. Locate the uni-XEDIT app-defaults file "XEtool"; this file should be located in the uni-XEDIT product directory.

  2. Edit "XEtool" and copy the resources contained in the section
        XEtool*defaultVirtualBindings: \
    into your .Xdefaults file located in your HOME directory.

  3. Edit your .Xdefaults file and swap the position of the following lines
        osfInsert:            0xff9e \n\
        osfInsert:            0xff63 \n\
        osfInsert:            0xff63 \n\
        osfInsert:            0xff9e \n\
    This procedure establishes the Sun type-4 keyboard keypad 0 (zero) Key as the new INSERT key.

  4. To make the previous changes effective, restart your window manager, which reloads your .Xdefaults file, or manually reload .Xdefaults using the "xrdb" utility.

Sun Solaris 2.x Systems

Sites running in graphical mode on Solaris 2.x systems need to be sure that the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes the following directories: