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Release 2.15 of uni-XEDIT is now available for Solaris 7/8/9 Sparc and Intel, AIX 4/5, HP/UX 10/11, NCR UNIX, SGI IRIX, and Linux Intel, and Linux S/390. This release of uni-XEDIT will run in either character mode using the curses library, or graphical mode using the Motif library. Graphical mode will only work on workstations which have the Motif runtime libraries installed.

This maintenance release addresses some mainframe compatibility issues, bug fixes, and specific platform problems. Product changes include:

  • COLOR is supported in both character and GUI modes, It is implemented identically to the VM/CMS editor, through the SET and QUERY COLOR commands. SET COLOR also supports 3270-like highlighting features. Color support may be turned off by setting the XECOLOR environment variable to OFF. Note that color and highlighting are not supported in all terminal emulators. We have tested and recommend the dtterm, Hummingbird HostExplorer, and TeraTerm emulators.
  • GUI mode is now supported on Linux Intel platforms. This support requires that the openmotif and xfree86 packages be installed.
  • The Linux on S/390 platform is now supported.
  • uni-FLIST 1.70 is included with this release. The Extended license is no longer required to run flist.
  • The license manager has been changed so that it no longer enforces a delay in uni-XEDIT execution after it is started. The 'xe -V' command now displays license management support information.

Existing users may find these features of uni-XEDIT 2.11 new to them:

  • Addition of a "ľnoterm" command argument to support batch style, non-interactive use. This makes uni-XEDIT useful from shell scripts and cron jobs, to execute repetitive tasks.
  • A destructive backspace key has been added. It may be defined by a user using the keybind utility program.
  • Improvements to edit macro features:
    1. Extend EXTRACT /UIMODE to return NOTERM when appropriate.
    2. Add support for all EXTRACT /SYN options.
    3. Add EXTRACT and QUERY /VERSHIFT option processing.