uni-SPF Release 1.77

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To keep pace with the changing UNIX world, The Workstation Group is pleased to announce the availability of release 1.77 of uni-SPF, for Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, and Linux Redhat 5.6 and above. This release is available on our website for download, calling Sales at 847 540 3390, or emailing sales@wrkgrp.com.

This major release incorporates a number of internal changes:

  • Support for maximum line length of 32000 in EDIT files.

  • Support for dynamic loading of shared objects for improved performance.

  • New profile table format to support 60 character usernames.

  • A new edit profile setting EDITTRIM controls trimming blanks at the end of an EDIT line.

  • Added HP/UX Itanium processor support.

  • Fix to the FIND command to match blanks at the end of a line.

  • Fixes to storage usage to address Linux fatal errors.

  • Other minor bug fixes.

We urge all users to upgrade to this important release.