Why Mainframe Tools for UNIX?

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There are a number of issues a company must address when migrating to UNIX or adding UNIX platforms to an existing configuration. Among them are:

  • making the new operating environment accessible to both programmers and end users
  • new and/or modified system administration tasks that accompany the new environment
  • porting or re-engineering of existing applications
  • training

In business terms, the issues both during and after migration are

  • time
  • money
  • productivity

Using TWG products allows you to leverage your existing investment - including the investment in people skills - when bringing UNIX into your configuration. And that translates to a savings in time and money while maintaining high levels of productivity.

How is this accomplished?

  • Programmers and end users can continue to use familiar editors, completely eliminating the need for re-training in this most basic of tools.

  • uni-SPF panels provide a familiar interface to the operating system for end users and programmers alike. They need not learn new OS features and commands, and their productivity in the new environment is both immediate and at normally high levels.

  • Customization or extensions you have developed to XEDIT or ISPF on the mainframe can be ported directly to UNIX. There's no need to reinvent the wheel; and users find the transition seamless.

  • Many mainframe applications can be ported intact (with only minor changes related to OS-specific details). This eliminates the need for re-engineering and the long development schedules associated with that task.

And of course there's the less quantitative issue of staff morale. When the new environment has all the familiar tools and features of the old, there's easier acceptance of the change and more energy directed to the daily needs of your business.

Take a look at the advantages TWG products bring you. We're sure you'll agree that it makes good business sense to include mainframe-style tools in your UNIX environment.