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Our customers are enthusiastic about the role of TWG products in their migration to Open Systems. Here's what some of them have told us:


We wanted a minimum disturbance to users. Users were concerned that if system looked different, too much training would be required. Results are that users are very happy with the ability to be immediately productive in the new environment, without a lot of training.

We made the scheduled migration date. Could not have done it without Workstation products. Needed capabilities that vi and other products didn't offer - only uni-XEDIT.

A. C. Nielsen

We wanted ease of migration. Wanted new developers to be productive and reduce learning curve for programmers. [The product] accomplished what The Workstation Group said it would do.

Products were very portable and efficient. We don't believe there is anything else that will do the job.


The Workstation Group had the only product that could do what we wanted in the time frame we needed.

Normal use of uni-XEDIT and uni-REXX is going so smoothly there has been no need for support desk.


We added RS/6000 servers to the business unit. Wanted users, who were familiar with ISPF, to feel comfortable and to be productive quickly. uni-SPF put it head and shoulders above anything else.

More feature-rich than alternatives

Commonwealth Edison

Users were able to immediately be productive. No training was required and users were delighted. They could function as they did on the mainframe.


Met criteria in an excellent manner. Users were ecstatic. They are more productive as a result of uni-SPF.

Cost is "peanuts" when spread over the whole operation. Productivity improvement was implicit in reduction of user discomfort with vi.

G. D. Searle

Got our users up on the new system instantly. The whole migration resulted in $1M per year savings. Got applications moved in 4 months. On target and on budget. We figure we saved 1-4 weeks training time per user.

Could not have done it without Workstation products.

Allison Engine

uni-XEDIT and uni-REXX have made the transition for the users in performing design, analysis, data reduction, and reporting much easier and quicker ... they provide the engineers with the same commands and command structure on UNIX that they were familiar with on the mainframe.

[TWG products] contributed to the success in achieving Allison's cost reduction goals even with an increase in demand and with excellent user acceptance.

Public Service Gas & Electric

Other PSG&E location has users that had used the product. They told us not to bother looking at other alternatives.

Data General

With the use of The Workstation Group's tools, organizations can maintain a familiar systems interface for their users as they migrate to open systems platforms enabling them to save a great deal of time and money on retraining employees.