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How can I prevent the owner userid and group from being changed by uni-SPF EDIT?


uni-SPF normally creates a new file when the SAVE command is issued. If this file is created sucessfully, the previously saved file is removed, and the new file is renamed to the previous name. uni-SPF then issues 'chown' and 'chgrp' commands to change ownership to the previous values. However, many varieties of UNIX do not allow these commands for non-root users. In this case the saved file will retain the userid and group of the current user.

To prevent this from happening, set the SPFTEMP environment variable to NOTEMP before entering uni-SPF. This causes uni-SPF to overwrite the original file when a SAVE is issued, so that the original owner is retained. Note that if you do this, and the SAVE encounters a file system full condition, the file being edited may be damaged or lost.