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How can I run two different releases of uni-SPF simultaneously on the same machine?


Many users prefer to test new software releases before removing the production version. First, install the new release of uni-SPF in a separate directory from the previous release. The new release of uni-SPF may be executed directly from this directory for testing. The tricky part is handling the License Manager. Two copies of the License Manager daemon cannot run on the same machine listening on the same port. Now, the License Manager will support previous releases of uni-SPF. So, if your local procedures permit it, you may just run the new release of the license manager by itself, with the activation key for the new release, and users of the previous release will not be effected.

However, if you would prefer to keep the old and new releases strictly separate, you may run two copies of the LM daemon at the same time by changing the port number in one of them. The port number may be found in the 'twgfiles' file, located in the directory where the LM software was installed. A third method of accomplishing this is to run the LM daemon on a different machine altogether, pointing the new release to this machine when installing it.