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How can I change the server which is running the license manager daemon?


First, install the license manager daemon files on the new server. This may be done by rerunning the INSTALL program for uni-SPF or uni-XEDIT on that server, or by copying the /usr/local/twglm directory structure from the previous license server machine. (You may have changed the /usr/local/twglm part to match local naming conventions.)

Next, you need to change the name of the server running the license manager daemon for each client machine. With luck, you were able to install our product in an NFS-shared location, so that you only need to change one file. In the un-lucky case, all of the client machines will need to be changed.

The file containing the license server name is /usr/local/twglm/twglmhost. This is a plain text file containing the server name as it would be shown by the hostname(1) command. You may change this name via an editor (uni-SPF or uni-XEDIT!), or by using our supplied /usr/local/twglm/twgmaint utility program.

Finally, start the license manager daemon using the supplied /usr/local/twglm/twglm shell script. Optionally, modify your system startup files so that this is done each time the server reboots.