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How can I get multiple machines to share one installation of uni-SPF?


You may do this easily using NFS, providing all machines are of the same computer architecture, and that the installation directory can be mounted on all machines using the same mount point. This is because the installation program modifies the execution shell script 'ispf' to contain the fully qualified pathname of the install directories (including license manager).

For example, if on the server, you installed uni-SPF in /common/products/uniSPF, then you should mount that directory using that name on all client machines. To avoid having to put that directory in each user's $PATH, you can softlink it to a directory which is already in every $PATH (like /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin). For example:

ln -s /common/products/uniSPF/bin/ispf /usr/local/bin/ispf.

Note that when you perform the install, you will have to specify a machine to run the License Manager daemon. All client machines will connect to this machine to obtain licenses to run.