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What is the License Manager?


Simply put, the License Manager is a program we supply which enables our products to run according to the terms of the license you purchased. We sell two types of licenses - "host"-based and "user"-based. Host-based licensing is used for uni-REXX. It enables the product to run on a named host machine, or list of machines. User-based licensing is used for uni-SPF and uni-XEDIT. It enables a fixed number of concurrent users to execute the product. In each case, the relevent licensing information is contained in a license "key" which we supply.

Host-based licensing is checked by inspection of the license key at the start of program execution. User-based licensing requires a permanently running program (UNIX calls this a daemon) on a central server. This program listens on the network for user attempts to execute our products. By keeping a list of concurrent executions, it controls them according to the license terms.